Why Seeing Color is Important


Photo via The Daily Beast

Saying that you “don’t see color” can come from good intentions, but can in fact be quite offensive. While it may seem like the person saying it is trying to say that race and ethnicity don’t affect how they view someone, it’s also meaning that they are ignoring what makes every individual unique. Race and ethnicity represent our cultures, backgrounds, and life experiences. Ignoring color also means you are ignoring the injustice, inequality, and or racism that people of color may experience in their lives.

It’s perfectly OK to recognize someone’s color. What’s not OK is when their color becomes a basis of discrimination for you. Popular conservative Tomi Lahren commits a lot of fallacies about race during her interview with Trevor Noah on The Daily Show.” One that had stood out the most was when she claimed she doesn’t see color. She said she considers true diversity to be diversity of thought (OK, sure) and not diversity of color (OK, no). Trevor jokingly questions “then what do you do at a stop light?”, but the truth is that her comment was quite ignorant. To remind you Tomi, there isn’t only one element to diversity. Diversity is a range of different things, including your appearance and experiences too. Diversity is one of the most unique aspects of the United States and it cannot be disregarded.

During an interview with Stephen Colbert on The Late Show,” Killer Mike from Run the Jewels says “if white people are just now discovering that it’s bad for black or working-class people in America, they’re a lot more blind than I thought. And they’re a lot more, choosing to be ignorant than I thought.” He argues that the same problems we’re discussing now, about race in America, have already been discussed many years prior. Some people are just now getting the point however. This is partly to be blamed by our education system. It wasn’t until college that I was finally introduced to classes about race. In predominately white or upper-class neighborhoods, the “white” version of history is taught. So his point is spot on, race has always been an issue in our country, it has just taken some people too long to pay attention to it. So while the discussion about race will forever remain, I say embrace your color!


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