“Meow Meow”

cat cafe

I was waiting until my Tokyo trip to find the infamous cat cafés of Japan. Looking for something to do during our last hour in Osaka this weekend, we came across a café in a small, hidden alleyway. We apprehensively walked up the stairs, not knowing what to expect. We found an area where everyone’s shoes were tucked away in cubbies. We put on the slippers with cat faces on them that we found in a basket. We opened the door to a quiet room and were told to sit in the waiting room. We read the rules of the café that listed cautions such as “don’t do things that cats don’t like, like picking them up” and I then ordered a matcha tea latte (of course) that was included in the hourly fee. We eagerly went into the cat room and I couldn’t help but to laugh at my stereotypical Japanese experience. We were handed small pieces of chicken to feed the cats. There was a box of toys including balls, feathers and string for us to play with them. It was so much fun watching them run across the room and interacting with them. There was a variety in the types of cats but they were all friendly. I was beyond happy to be able to cross this experience off my bucket list.


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