Navigating Japan!

japan 2.jpg

Konnichiwa! I just got through my first week in Japan and I’ve already experienced so many new things. I felt the culture shock as soon as I got off the plane and that feeling still hasn’t gone away. For the first time, people are constantly asking me where I’m from and are looking at me with wide eyes. We spent the last week in Tokyo touring various news and public relations agencies. It has been an adrenaline rush trying to make it through the busy train stations on time but it’s all part of the experience. Navigating the country is a difficult task due to the obvious language barrier but the locals are so nice and love to help you find your destination. The food has been one of the most exciting aspects of the culture shock. From mochi cream to squid on a stick, there’s new cuisine to find every day. It’s sometimes difficult to order in the restaurants but everything is so delicious it’s kind of hard to go wrong. I wish the restaurants in Texas could be as cool as the one’s I’ve found in Tokyo. Some restaurants set up tables for you on the street and let you enjoy the beautiful city night lights. Another restaurant was several stories up and had windows that let you see the busy street below. There was also a piano player in the middle of the room that made the ambiance so lively. One of my favorite experiences so far has been visiting Harajuku because I had the chance to see what people my age, in their 20s, like to do. I was in awe of the fashion there because it’s so bold and hip. We’ve only been in Fukuoka for a few days now and I’m already infatuated by the scenery. We had a special opportunity to meet some of the students from the university and it was so much fun hearing about their hobbies, interests and goals. I don’t believe you can ever be bored with a country as exciting as this one.


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