Wrapping up my Semester

By: Meredith Erikson

Photo via thenextweb.com

Although I plan to continue writing blogs, this may be my last one just for a little while. Now that classes are wrapping up, I must devote my time to organizing and planning for my Japan trip. The next time I blog I may be half way around the world! I’m nearing the end of my public relations communications course and I have learned quite a bit.

The PR skills I have learned are going to be beneficial in any workplace. We have learned how to brand ourselves across multiple media platforms. Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, About.me, our blogs, Storify and our online portfolios have really helped us make connections and “put us on the map.” Engaging in tweet chats gave us the opportunity to learn and ask questions about any media related topics with people who are working in our field. The tweet chats gave me a new perspective about public relations and I’m glad I have a (fun) way to gain insight on media.

Our final project, which was to create a communications plan for the North Texas Municipal Water District basically made us combine all of our PR skills into one final product. When making the tactics, we included a variety such as press releases, email pitches, infographics, social media content and calendars as well as plenty of other products to show off how advanced our skills have become. The project required teamwork, organization and time management.

We of course learned about how to enhance our writing, which I had previously said in another blog was one, if not the most, important skill we could obtain. Our weekly blogs, communications plan, op-ed piece and many other assignments gave us the chance to improve our writing. I’m excited to be able to show of the work I have created to future employers and can’t wait to put forth the skills and lessons I have learned in this class.


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