Kelly Ripa-Team Player

kelly and michael
Photo via CNN Money

By: Meredith Erikson

Today, Kelly Ripa returned to “Live!” after a week-long absence. She left because she had found out that her co-host, Michael Strahan, was leaving to be on “Good Morning America” only an hour before the announcement was made. Strahan is scheduled to begin making appearances on the show as soon as Friday, May 13, and will officially become a permanent co-anchor in September. This situation has aspects of “good” and “bad” PR.

First of all, Ripa has been a part of ABC for 26 years. It’s a place she calls her second home. Even though she mentioned in her monologue today that she had received apologies from the crew at ABC, the situation still looks bad for the parent company. Just as Ripa said, it’s about respect in the workplace, something ABC seemed to have disregarded. ABC looks as though they disrespected and embarrassed Ripa. ABC had to scramble to find temporary hosts during Ripa’s leave, which I’m sure only heightened the tension. There is also speculation that Ripa and Strahan have conflict. Gossip shows such as “E! News,” aired pictures of what seemed like tension and distance between the two. The situation doesn’t make Strahan’s image look so hot either because people are believing that he betrayed Ripa.

Ripa, on the other hand, seemed strong and loyal. She said that “Live!” remains a top priority for her and her executives. She made sure to mention her fans, viewers, producers and crew. She didn’t forget to congratulate Strahan for going to “Good Morning America” either. According to the New York Times, she claims the situation created “a much greater conversation about communication and consideration, and most importantly, respect in the workplace.” She was honest but also funny and witty in her monologue which charmed the audience. The situation is sure to have some follow-up conversation, especially with the curiosity of who the new host will be, but for now I believe things will be back to normal on “Live!



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