The World of Entertainment PR

Photo via Newsusauk

By: Meredith Erikson

I was having trouble describing what I wanted my public relations career to be like. However, I’ve always known that I wanted to do something in the entertainment industry. Ever since I was a kid, entertainment has been a huge deal in my family. With a brother who works in film in Los Angeles, movies and music are a constant topic of discussion for us. When a guest speaker came to my crisis communications class, I was finally able to put in words what exactly I want to do with my public relations abilities.

Sarah Badran is a University of North Texas alumni who specializes in entertainment PR and brand management. She’s done everything from coordinating events, celebrity appearances, coordinating photo shoots, launch events and album release events.

Sarah explained what it takes to be successful in entertainment PR. You must know the landscape of where you’re working. Dallas is still a place I’m not entirely familiar with, but I know how much it will benefit me when I really get to know the city. You must constantly be ahead of everybody. Branding yourself will make you stand out and be ahead of everyone else. There will be long hours in the entertainment world but it’s crucial to stay on top of your duties. Strategic planning is really what helped her become successful, especially by having a creative edge to it. The most important skill she noted though was research. The more knowledge you have about aspects of the entertainment world, your clients and your location, the more people are going to want to hire you.

The services she offers include being an event planner, social media manger, brand management, content creation, live streaming, media relations, launches and newsletters. She’s done some pretty impressive things such as working the VMA’s, the Yeezy Season 3 fashion show, landed the client TRU DEF and been on Good Morning Texas.

Sarah told us about all the perks of being in entertainment such as the fun atmosphere, being able to express your creativity and meeting amazing people. I still took consideration of the negative side of the job like it being a 24-hour job, having to babysit clients and having to take critique. Despite the negatives, I still aspire to have a career like hers someday and hopefully get to go to Yeezy Season 4. 🙂



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