Cross-Platform Media-It’s Inevitable

By: Meredith Erikson

cross platforming
Photo via Webplanex

As technology advances, so does globalization. With increasing globalization, there is more connectivity. In relation to my media studies, it has become transparent how connected we have become with the trend of globalization and how valuable cross-platforming is. In Larry Litwin’s, “The Public Relations Practitioner’s Playbook,” he defines cross-platforming as the convergence of distribution. This includes print, radio, television, broadband, wireless and digital signage. It is otherwise known as the transformation of media. According to an article on Experian, “consumers move between multiple devices and platforms many times each day without batting an eye.” In regards to Public Relations, practitioners must be convincing to radio or television stations that the information they’re trying to tell is actual news. They must excel at communication on the Internet. Cross-platforming is important for firms and organizations because the more the platforms, the more information that will circulate.

Each vehicle of cross-platforming as its own advantages. To talk about a few, radio reaches audiences faster than any of the other vehicles. To succeed with radio, you must have strong diction because imagery should be created for the listener. Television may not be able to reach audiences as fast as radio, however no other vehicle can reach the amount of people that T.V. can. Opposite of radio, language should be more concise, as pictures and videos are already creating the imagery. Most importantly, no other vehicle has the type of impact that T.V. can produce. It creates emotion. Whether on television or radio, there are best practices to be followed as a PR practitioner. Of course, acting professional is key. This includes proper planning and assistance with the stations you’re pitching your story to. Take their constructive criticism, be timely in all aspects and follow instructions. Don’t let the art of being professional take away from your personality, though. When telling your story, it’s important to be yourself because audiences want to be able to trust you. They want to know you’re a real human being.

The Internet now is all about connecting people. Social media, blogs, vcasts, and podcasts are all among the advantages of Internet. The Internet reaches a great amount of masses as well. Instagram for example, gives you the opportunity to cross-platform among other social media sites by being able to share your pictures on multiples sites instantly. PR practitioners must have a well-established presence on all platforms.






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