Go Kings Go!

By: Meredith Erikson

la kings.jpg
Source: lasportshub.com

Just a few weeks ago, I participated in a Twitter Chat with #GetRealChat. They typically discuss social business, marketing, media, leadership, relationships and life. The topic for that night was social media at events. First off, I have to say how much I enjoyed this chat. The first time I had ever done a Twitter Chat, I felt that I was in the wrong place at the wrong time. With GetRealChat, I felt so welcomed and was able to discuss topics I knew more about. The participants were all so friendly and informative. However, I did get stumped on one question. It asked “what are the best events you have been to where organizers integrate social media and why?” I just couldn’t determine any particular events.

I have just come back from a trip to Los Angeles to visit my brother- a city of endless media opportunities. While having fun there, I realized I was able to answer that puzzling question. My brother, being a huge Los Angeles Kings fan, took me to a hockey game at the STAPLES Center. Without even analyzing it at first, I was subjected to the organization’s tactical social media usage and became extra involved in the game. First, they encouraged us to tweet either #KINGS1, #KINGS2 or #KINGS3 to indicate which style of the Kings’ home jersey was our favorite. By doing so, we entered a chance to win $100 in Floyd’s 99 services, a signed puck and Floyd’s 99 grooming line. This created a fun engagement in the game and brand awareness for Floyd’s 99. Also, the announcers asked us to tweet to @BaileyLAKings, asking the mascot of the team to send us “Popcornopolis” popcorn directly to our seats. If we won, not only would we get a chance to enjoy their popcorn and become aware of a delicious product, we could be filmed on the Jumbotron. The social media usage I liked best was Fanpics. It’s an app that the STAPLES Center has created a partnership with that allows images to be shared via social networks and can create ways for teams to connect with fans. Pictures of the fan’s excitement and reactions to the game get a chance to be shown on the Jumbotron. “We are always seeking methods to enhance the entertainment value of our overall in- venue, game-day experience, and Fanpics provides us with a very innovative way to do just that,” says Lee Zeidman, President, STAPLES Center.

Tweets and pictures were constantly shared throughout the game and enhanced a modern way to incorporate fun and engagement during sports events. Now that I can answer the question to my Twitter Chat, I’m excited to share with my GetRealChat followers what I’ve learned about social media at events.




Gump, B. (2015, June 2). STAPLES Center Puts Spotlight On Fans with Cutting-Edge Fanpics Technology for Clippers and Kings Games | STAPLES Center. Retrieved March 15, 2016, from https://www.staplescenter.com/news/detail/staples-center-puts-spotlight-on-fans-with-cutting-edge-fanpics-technology-for-clippers-and-kings-games


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